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The Mountbatten’s marriage was blessed with two children -

Mountbatten and Edwina

at the christening of their eldest daughter - Patricia in 1924

The Mountbatten’s first daughter (Patricia) was born at the Cassel mansion of Brook House - the vast mansion in Park Lane, in the heart of London.  A nursery and rooms for a nanny and nurse were speedily established on the second floor - which had previously been Edwina’s grandfather’s bedroom. At 1.30am on 14th February 1924, baby Patricia was delivered weighing 7.25lbs. Mountbatten was to say that he was delighted to have a girl and it was “so much nicer” and that he felt “quite drunk about it.”  The date of her birth was particularly one of great sentiment to the Mountbattens, as this was the anniversary of their engagement in 1922.

The Mountbatten’s second child - Pamela, was born whilst her parents were staying at the Ritz Hotel, in Barcelona, Spain. Edwina had wanted to fit in one last holiday as Mountbatten’s tour of duty in Malta was coming to an end. On 19th April 1929, baby Pamela was born five weeks premature - which caused Mountbatten some panic, and in his quest for a doctor he ended up speaking to the King of Spain - Field Marshal King Alfonso XIII, KG, GCVO (1886-1941) who eventually dispatched the Military Governor of Barcelona (in full dress uniform) to the hotel and posted sentries, who actually prevented a doctor from getting to the prospective parents.

Edwina was not necessarily the most maternal of mothers - she was jealous and resented the close bond between Mountbatten and Patricia (their eldest daughter) although she was closer to their youngest daughter - Pamela. Edwina ordered that Mountbatten be excluded from Pamela’s nursery as she said that his visits “disturbed the baby”.  Mountbatten was upset by this, but decided to stay away as instructed and as a result there are no pictures of Mountbatten alone with baby Pamela.

Edwina with her children -

young Pamela and Patricia

Mountbatten and Edwina with

their children - Patricia and Pamela

Edwina, Countess Mountbatten of Burma