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1960 - Death Pg 2

Edwina’s coffin leaving Romsey Abbey

Edwina’s coffin is lowered into the sea

from HMS Wakeful

On 25th February 1960, Edwina’s coffin was taken from Romsey Abbey to Portsmouth - for Edwina had asked to be buried at sea, which surprised many as she had never cared for the sea. Mountbatten was moved when Edwina’s coffin was piped aboard the British Naval frigate - HMS Wakeful - (an honour never known to be afforded to any woman - other than the reigning Sovereign).

A short film by Pathé of Edwina’s funeral at sea

Mountbatten throws his wreath into the sea following

Edwina’s funeral onboard

HMS Wakeful

Edwina, Countess Mountbatten of Burma

After a brief service, her body was lowered into the sea just off the Portsmouth coast. Edwina’s dearest friend - Nehru, the Prime Minister of India dispatched an Indian Naval warship to accompany HMS Wakeful on its solemn journey, in a tribute to the last Vicereine of India, and his very close friend.    

1960 - Memorial Service