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Lord Louis Mountbatten

End of World War II

With victory came practicalities – the recovery and repatriation of over 125,000 Allied prisoners of War and internees.  Mountbatten therefore called on his wife – Edwina, who was Superintendent-in-Chief of the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade and Chairman of its Joint War Organization.  She was given full authority, by Mountbatten, to recover prisoners of War and improve conditions in the camps.  In May 1946, Mountbatten handed over to former British Government minister come diplomat as Governor-General of Singapore and Malaya - The Rt Hon. Malcolm MacDonald, OM (1901-1981) - son of former Prime Minister The Rt Hon. Ramsay MacDonald, FRS (1866-1937), a fully functional administration, and was subsequently recalled back to London to take part in the war victory parades.  He never returned to South East Asia.  

Mountbatten making a speech following accepting the surrender of the Japanese in Singapore

Mountbatten reading the surrender terms to the Japanese representatives

On 12th September 1945, Mountbatten accepted the surrender of the Japanese in South East Asia, in the Council Chamber of Singapore Town Hall from General Seishiõ Itagaki (1885-1948) on behalf of General Hisaichi Terauchi (1879-1946).

A short film by Pathé of Mountbatten

at the Japanese surrender in Singapore

1946 - Marriage of Patricia & John, 7th Lord Brabourne