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In May 1913, Mountbatten entered the Royal Naval College, Osborne on the Isle of Wight as a Naval Cadet, but as a cousin of the King, the son of the First Sea Lord, being of German descent - Mountbatten was subjected to bullying which he seemed to overcome.  However, despite his clear abilities and allegiance to the British Crown – especially with all the strategic preparations for an inevitable war with the German Empire, Mountbatten’s father was resented and viewed with suspicion by growing anti-German hysteria which resulted in his resignation as First Sea Lord on 27th October 1914.  

Mountbatten subsequently went to the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth and excelled at many sporting activities, but he broke his leg just before his final examinations and was forced to take them whilst in hospital and came 18th out of a class of 80. However the unjust treatment of his father was to be a catalyst of Mountbatten’s drive and success and his personal campaign to restore the honour of the Battenberg name which in the eyes of many people had been tarnished by his German ancestry.

Cadet Mountbatten with his mother

Princess Louis of Battenberg

(Princess Victoria)

Lord Louis Mountbatten

1913 - 1916

In 1916, Mountbatten became a Midshipman and saw active service in World War I in the battle cruiser HMS Lion (the flagship of his hero - Admiral of the Fleet The Rt Hon. Sir David Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty, GCB, OM, GCVO, DSO (1871-1936)), HMS Queen Elizabeth and subsequently HM Submarine K6.

Midshipman Mountbatten
in 1916 prior to joining HMS Lion

HMS Lion

1917 - 1920