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Lord Louis Mountbatten

Governor-General of India

As the astrologers indicated that the 15th August 1947 was an inauspicious date, it was decided that Indian independence would date from the last stroke of midnight on 14th August 1947, with a formal ceremony in Delhi.  A separate ceremony would then follow in Karachi for the birth of Pakistan.  At 830am on 15th August 1947, Mountbatten was sworn in as Governor-General of the new Dominion of India, to oversee the transition from British rule. Although the celebrations were joyous, peace was not everlasting. With separation brought thousands of Muslims and Hindus crossing to their chosen new independent land and by 27th August 1947, Mountbatten calculated that over 10 million people were on the move throughout the country.

Jawaharlal Nehru,

the Prime Minister of the Dominion of India (right),

with Mountbatten & Edwina, at the Indian Independence ceremony

During this period, Mountbatten’s wife - always referred to as “Lady Louis” continued her efforts working with refugees and earned the undying love of the people for her untiring devotion. She would go from camp to camp, hospital to hospital and personally would intervene in an effort to improve sanitation. The Indian sub-continent remained in chaos until the assassination on 30th January 1948 of Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), the great spiritual leader of Indian independence. Even in death he brought people together and soon after peace was secured.

Mountbatten, Edwina and Pamela

at the funeral of Mohandas K. Gandhi

Muhammad Ali Jinnah,

Governor-General of Pakistan (left) with Mountbatten and Edwina

at the Pakistani Independence


Leaving India

The Governor-General of India’s flag