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About Me

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I have always been interested in genealogy (tracing family trees) ever since I was child - the need to find out where I came from etc has always fascinated me, even though (at the time) some “elderly” members of my family disagreed with my quest.  Perhaps there were “secrets” or “embarrassments” which had been buried long ago and they were worried that I would re-discover them?  That was never my primary thought, but of course every family has them!  Of course there was no such things as the “t’Interweb” or even having access to a computer in the home.  Sounds like the Dark Ages in retrospect - but believe me, there was a time BEFORE the laptop and mobile phone were invaluable!  

TODAY - I am a full-time genealogist and happy to research anyone’s family history.  My paternal side were predominately from areas close to the Naval ports of Portsmouth and Milford Haven (where of course Lord Louis’ own father was the 1st Marquess of Milford Haven) and many served in the Royal Navy.  My maternal side were blacksmiths and gardeners in the Bexley Heath area of North Kent, where I lived until moving to Crawley “New Town” in West Sussex, near to Gatwick Airport.

Throughout my life I have always been interested in music and drama - and when I started secondary school I learnt to play a musical instrument... I originally wanted to play the harp, but soon realised that finances would never allow that and we only had a small Vauxhall Viva - not conducive to potential harpists.  SO I learnt the flute! I soon also started singing and at school I was chosen to play Colonel Pickering in “My Fair Lady” and then Sir Joseph Porter, KCB in Gilbert & Sullivan’s “HMS Pinafore” (which introduced me to the wonderful topsy-turvy world of G&S.  I have sung in choirs at prestigious locations such as The Royal Albert Hall (including at The Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance and at the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Concert 1997), Symphony Hall in Birmingham, the Royal Festival Hall to name just a few!

My parents on their

wedding day in 1963

With such close connections to the Royal Navy, it was perhaps inevitable that I was brought up with stories of admiration about Lord Louis Mountbatten. Although I don't really remember him much as a child, he was always the “old bloke covered in medals” etc... but I do remember the day he was assassinated very well. I was with family in a small village in “the Vallies” of South Wales when we heard the awful news in August 1979.  In those days there was no 24hr news and we only had 3 channels on the TV, no mobile phones etc... (seems so long ago!)   So when a “Newsflash” appeared on TV, it was always a tense moment!  It was a very sad time - I only wish we had a DVD recorder then... as I would have recorded his ceremonial funeral - one of the first “State” occasions I remember.  1979 seems such a long time ago, I was only 10yrs old and times have changed so much, socially, politically and technology has improved beyond my wildest imagination. Computers, satellite TV, digital photography and mobile phones were not available to everyone as they are today and certainly I had never even heard of the Internet.  

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